Get to Know Clara - #15 The fandom seems to think she’s the flirty one, but Clara thinks the Doctor is a the giant awkward flirt and spends much of her first meeting with him treating him like any other man who is trying to hit on her. This is very typical behavior of a single woman in her mid 20s who has been hit on before and isn’t opposed to it, but isn’t going to jump in bed with any man who asks. She flirts with him, but mostly in return to what she perceives as him flirting with her and makes sure to keep her distance until she’s sure of what he wants from her.

She’s very careful to see what his intentions are with her and continuously calls him out when something he says sounds like a come on (even when it’s frequently the Doctor being the Doctor and putting his foot in his mouth). She makes sure he’s aware there are boundaries while still showing interest in continuing whatever is going on here (which she’s not really sure of).

When he shows up with a “snog box” and tells her that she’ll understand once they’re in there, she sounds very put off and says, “I bet I will” with a bit of anger in her voice thinking he doesn’t have the best intentions, but as she observes his behavior, she becomes more relaxed with him. At the end of the day when she’s more at ease with him, she still isn’t quite sure what to make of him and keeps him at a bit of a friendly distance even though she’s interested in traveling with him.



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